Hastings Community Transport comprises of Volunteers and paid workers. At Hastings Community Transport we have an Equal Opportunities Policy, ensuring all our staff are treated in the same way, therefore maintaining a very good team working ethic. Volunteers are employed on the dial-a-ride service as drivers and escorts.

Employed staff work on the various school and day centre contracts we have as drivers and escorts.

However there are occasions that due to unforeseen circumstances both paid or volunteers are required to be flexible in order to ensure the running of services provided.

We are always looking for volunteer staff to assist in the operation and administration of the service. If anyone is interested please contact the office on 01424 436868.


Hastings Community Transport need drivers and escorts for our fleet of vehicles!

Free lunch!

If you join the Hastings Community Transport team of happy volunteers, we will pay your expenses towards traveling and lunch.

For further information please call 01424436868 or get in touch via the contact page!